How to set up ExPat TV on the iPhone (iPad, iPod)

1) Open “Settings” on your iPhone, iPad, iPod

2) Click on “General”.

3) Click on “Network”.

4) Click on “VPN”.

5) Click on “Add VPN Configuration”.

6) Now select “PPTP”. Enter “EXPATTV.NET” as a “Description”. Then enter the desired location VPN server address as a “Server”. Here you will enter the ExPat TV VPN server address of your choice. UK or US Server Address, taken from the Activation email we sent you. (Also you can find those details in the Customer Area. This tutorial server address is only for demonstration purpose.)

Enter your ExPatTV Account details – your User name and Password. Enable “Send All Traffic” and save settings by“Save” button.


7) Your VPN settings is now ready. When you switch on the “VPN” swich, your ExPatTV VPN connection will be established.

8 ) VPN ON , Ready !